Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Advance or Retreat?

Amazingly, the United States does not have a current energy policy?  Will we advance, or will we retreat? The policy void is being populated by opinion from Universities, Commissions, Societies, Associations, international energy policies, low-cost natural gas, anti-nuke FUD, and social media ramblings.

The United States is becoming dependent on foreign research institutions because of very [...]

Secretary Chu on Facebook

Open Letter to Secretary of Energy Steven Chu

Pro-nuke euphoria followed President Obama’s generally welcomed pronouncement supporting nuclear power and your Facebook posting,!/notes.php?id=79707582290

There is talk of a renaissance and environmentalists’ recognition that nuclear power can provide large amounts of carbon-free power that is always available.

But [...]

6th Plan

The NW Council is preparing its 6th Plan that projects 85% of future, 2030 energy generation to be supplied by conservation, the rest in wind.  In order to achieve such draconian cuts, local networks will plan implementation of smart grid to whip its wasteful consumers into shape.  To work efficiently, smart grid requires allowing the [...]

“…stupid for us not to…” Obama on Nuclear & Clean Energy

Senator Alexander and Senator McCain are leading a large choir and gaining voices daily.  “A sea change” notes Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA).  Senator Kerry (D-MA) supports nuclear power in new energy legislation.  Carol Browner, an Obama administration official said, “…nuclear energy…  It’s something that we believe should be in a comprehensive energy package.”

Simultaneously,  Russia and [...]

Norman Bourlaug's Contribution to Planet Earth

Credit:  Mike Fox’s, Hawaii Reporter,

On September 13, 2009 Dr. Norman Borlaug died at the age of 95. Borlaug was a giant in the field of agricultural sciences, and became a master of bioengineering to increase [...]

New Reactor Needed - Where's Moly?

Desperately Seeking Moly

Unreliable supplies of feedstock for widely used medical imaging isotope prompt efforts to develop U.S. sources.

Science News

PS  There is a perfectly good reactor in Richland.

Nuclear Energy Endorsements

Government Officials:

” The best way to diversify . . . away from dependence on foreign sources of energy, is for us to take advantage of new technologies and expand safe nuclear power in the United States of America. To me, that would achieve several objectives. One, it’s a renewable source of energy; two, [...]

'The Road to Energy Independence

The US Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy division has long been a source of long term energy goals. During the last decade, it produced a far reaching and logical approach to robust utilization of nuclear energy anchored on spent fuel re-processing, closed fuel cycle, and a combination of fast breeder/burner and traditional light water reactors. [...]