70 years ago – Dr. Enrico Fermi

In Chicago 70 years ago, a team of scientists lead by Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Enrico Fermi, created the first controlled nuclear fission.  The Manhattan Project’s B-Reactor was fully operational in an incredibly short time.  Plutonium was separated.  This innovation, engineering and human effort brought an end to WWII.  Nobel laureate Glenn Seaborg later called [...]

Sodium Fast Reactor - a new study! Sandia National Laboratory

Sandia National Laboratory published the report (May 2012) Sodium Fast Reactor Safety and Licensing Research Plan – Volume I and Volume II. The requirement for a test/demonstration facility is abundantly clear.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Advance or Retreat?

Amazingly, the United States does not have a current energy policy?  Will we advance, or will we retreat? The policy void is being populated by opinion from Universities, Commissions, Societies, Associations, international energy policies, low-cost natural gas, anti-nuke FUD, and social media ramblings.

The United States is becoming dependent on foreign research institutions because of very [...]

Secretary Chu on Facebook

Open Letter to Secretary of Energy Steven Chu

Pro-nuke euphoria followed President Obama’s generally welcomed pronouncement supporting nuclear power and your Facebook posting, http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=336162546856&comments#!/notes.php?id=79707582290

There is talk of a renaissance and environmentalists’ recognition that nuclear power can provide large amounts of carbon-free power that is always available.

But [...]

Fast Flux Test Facility - Public Comment


Draft TC&WM EIS which includes FFTF Decommission decision

January 26, 2010

Benton County sued DOE in November 2002 to stop liquid sodium drain and to stop the rush to destroy the Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF).   Benton County argued that Decommissioning [...]

Reprocess? - ask Japan

The U.S. and Japan will begin to cooperate on “advanced fuel cycle technologies” for nuclear plants, or reprocessing nuclear waste, according to the Environmental Capital blog.


Reprocessing helps get rid of nuclear waste, which is why both France and Japan have been big advocates.  The U.S. killed a reprocessing plan in the ’70s.   Then, the Bush [...]

“…stupid for us not to…” Obama on Nuclear & Clean Energy

Senator Alexander and Senator McCain are leading a large choir and gaining voices daily.  “A sea change” notes Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA).  Senator Kerry (D-MA) supports nuclear power in new energy legislation.  Carol Browner, an Obama administration official said, “…nuclear energy…  It’s something that we believe should be in a comprehensive energy package.”

Simultaneously,  Russia and [...]

GNEP lives – internationally

Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) was initiated by the USA in 2006 and 54 nations signed on.  A NEPA Environmental Impact Statement was initiated.  Multiple locations submitted proposals for siting GNEP facilities.  Then, 4 industry teams were funded to competitively propose the Closed Fuel Cycle.  The teams were:  GE-Hitachi, AREVA, Energy Solutions, and General Atomics.  [...]