TC&WM EIS + FFTF Decommission EIS

Support:  NO ACTION alternative for FFTF Decommission.

DOE offers three alternatives for the FFTF in the current Environment Impact Statement (EIS):
No Action – maintain the current Surveillance & Maintenance (S&M) for 100 years.  $2m/yr includes main feature:  Maintain inert cover gas on piping.
Entombment (the preferred alternative)

They do not offer other alternatives:
Restart, or Greenfield –  as [...]

Reprocess? - ask Japan

The U.S. and Japan will begin to cooperate on “advanced fuel cycle technologies” for nuclear plants, or reprocessing nuclear waste, according to the Environmental Capital blog.

Reprocessing helps get rid of nuclear waste, which is why both France and Japan have been big advocates.  The U.S. killed a reprocessing plan in the ’70s.   Then, the Bush [...]

GNEP lives – internationally

Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) was initiated by the USA in 2006 and 54 nations signed on.  A NEPA Environmental Impact Statement was initiated.  Multiple locations submitted proposals for siting GNEP facilities.  Then, 4 industry teams were funded to competitively propose the Closed Fuel Cycle.  The teams were:  GE-Hitachi, AREVA, Energy Solutions, and General Atomics.  [...]