“…stupid for us not to…” Obama on Nuclear & Clean Energy

Senator Alexander and Senator McCain are leading a large choir and gaining voices daily.  “A sea change” notes Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA).  Senator Kerry (D-MA) supports nuclear power in new energy legislation.  Carol Browner, an Obama administration official said, “…nuclear energy…  It’s something that we believe should be in a comprehensive energy package.”

Simultaneously,  Russia and [...]

GNEP lives – internationally

Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) was initiated by the USA in 2006 and 54 nations signed on.  A NEPA Environmental Impact Statement was initiated.  Multiple locations submitted proposals for siting GNEP facilities.  Then, 4 industry teams were funded to competitively propose the Closed Fuel Cycle.  The teams were:  GE-Hitachi, AREVA, Energy Solutions, and General Atomics.  [...]