Reprocess? - ask Japan

The U.S. and Japan will begin to cooperate on “advanced fuel cycle technologies” for nuclear plants, or reprocessing nuclear waste, according to the Environmental Capital blog.

Reprocessing helps get rid of nuclear waste, which is why both France and Japan have been big advocates.  The U.S. killed a reprocessing plan in the ’70s.   Then, the Bush [...]

Coal Burner - 1 GW

A typical 1GW coal plant releases the following pollutants INTO THE AIR every DAY:

- 10,136.986 metric TONS of CO2 (per day, per plant)
- 27.397 metric TONS of SO2 (per day, per plant)
- 1.370 metric TONS of “small particulate matter” (per day, per plant)
- 27.945 metric TONS of NOx (per day, per plant)
- 1.973 metric TONS [...]

6th Plan

The NW Council is preparing its 6th Plan that projects 85% of future, 2030 energy generation to be supplied by conservation, the rest in wind.  In order to achieve such draconian cuts, local networks will plan implementation of smart grid to whip its wasteful consumers into shape.  To work efficiently, smart grid requires allowing the [...]