FFTF Decommission EIS aka TC&WM EIS


The FFTF Decommission EIS took public scoping comments until October 8, 2004. Then this EIS was was rolled into the Tank Closure and Waste Management TC&WM EIS being performed by SAIC for DOE Richland Office. The Draft TC&WM EIS was published on November 4, 2009. DOE proposes to [...]

TC&WM EIS + FFTF Decommission EIS

Support:  NO ACTION alternative for FFTF Decommission.

DOE offers three alternatives for the FFTF in the current Environment Impact Statement (EIS):
No Action – maintain the current Surveillance & Maintenance (S&M) for 100 years.  $2m/yr includes main feature:  Maintain inert cover gas on piping.
Entombment (the preferred alternative)

They do not offer other alternatives:
Restart, or Greenfield –  as [...]

Nuclearstreet forum

I have accepted an invitation to join a forum started at NUCLEARSTREET.com  called New Social Media and Nuclear Energy by Dan Yurman a blogger at djysrv.blogspot.com, member of ANS, etc.

My oar in the water concerns that there is a lack of proper National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) analysis of Energy Policy, Energy Policy [...]