Nuclearstreet forum

I have accepted an invitation to join a forum started at  called New Social Media and Nuclear Energy by Dan Yurman a blogger at, member of ANS, etc.

My oar in the water concerns that there is a lack of proper National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) analysis of Energy Policy, Energy Policy Planning, and Infrastructure availability.

In a number of critical areas of national policy, good analysis of alternatives is not being accomplished and decision making is being done for pure political motive irrespective of good science, inefficient use of scarce resources, and wanton disregard for basic economics and risk analysis.

The first posting in the new forum is by Ted Rockwell’s  “Get the Nuclear Energy Facts.”   Check it out…  Under proper NEPA analysis, most would concur that abundant and sustainable nuclear power should be the highest national priority.   Sorry… wind, solar and biomass should not be diverting all the money and attention.

Energy density rules…

National Environmetal Policy Act

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