TC&WM EIS + FFTF Decommission EIS

Support:  NO ACTION alternative for FFTF Decommission.
DOE offers three alternatives for the FFTF in the current Environment Impact Statement (EIS):
No Action – maintain the current Surveillance & Maintenance (S&M) for 100 years.  $2m/yr includes main feature:  Maintain inert cover gas on piping.
Entombment (the preferred alternative)

They do not offer other alternatives:
Restart, or Greenfield –  as each are expensive, $ and political.

Both alternatives: Entombment (the cheapest for destruction, $300m) and Removal; both create a CERCLA radioactive waste site – where none exists today.

Greenfield would remove all of the reactor and was expected to cost $2 billion in 2002.  HOAN solicits money based upon this alternative.

A Restart study performed for DOE by CBCG in 2007 estimated restart to cost $500 million over 5 years for the fully licensed plant to support Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP).

In Benton County v DOE, February 2003, Judge Edward Shea ORDERED that DOE shall do a NEPA EIS prior to decommissioning the FFTF, then and now under deactivation, on and off since the 1995 EA & FONSI.  Now in S&M, Phase II (cold standby).

The current National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) evaluation of alternatives has produced a Draft EIS (delayed by the Yucca Mt confounding failure).  The current law of the land is Judge Shea’s 2003 Order and the 2000 NEPA Nuclear Infrastructure EIS that was decided by Secretary Richardson on his last day in office, January 2001.  What a piece of work that ROD is.

All of these docs are available upon request.  Also see file NEPA FFTF & Public Policy.

My opinion:
Due to the current political climate (local, state and national), rally to achieve the “NO ACTION” decision that preserves this test SFR for another day.
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